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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A little about me first.

A recent first class honours graduate in Fine Art & Professional Practise, it took a 20year gap from when I should have done my degree to graduating. During the intervening years I worked in Financial services and then later completed Garden Design courses before finally returning to fine art. 

Its always been oil paints for me, I prefer the history of the medium which ties in with my other interest Hauntology - no not ghost hunting! but as described by the philosopher Jacques Derrida

"The spectral rumour now resonates, it invades everything: the spirit of the "sublime" and the spirit of "nostalgia" cross all borders" Derrida, Specters of Marx, pg.169

or maybe easier to grasp as the past will always influence the future - think of the communist regimes of the past in the former soviet union, this will never be forgotten, and will influence the future. 

Enough of this for now, apart from that side I enjoy vegan and vegetarian cookery and cycling, obsessed with the Tour de France 2011.